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Did I just call Dave Williams’ mediorce pitching performance?
"Not hard!" you say? I agree, but a post or two ago I specifically asked Williams for 5 innings and no more than 4 runs…

Dave Williams tonight: 5+IP, 4ER, 0K, 1BB (Yes, kids, he got the win.)

Sometimes I frighten myself.


Quick Hits

  • Milton pitched 6 2/3 innings of good baseball yesterday. A couple of walks, but 5Ks… 2 ER, one off of a homer.
  • Griffey got the day off due to the stiffness in his right knee… he is day-to-day, which makes me wonder if he’ll start tonight or not. I’m sure it’s Junior’s call, but Narron might take into consideration the fact that Junior doesn’t hit too well off of Chris Carpenter, the Cards’ starter for tonight’s opener.
  • It’s the Redlegs’ first visit to the New Busch Stadium – here’s to hoping that they start things off right by hitting some balls into the seats in the outfield!
  • Harang is starting his third game of the season tonight, and hopefully he can continue to get progressively better as he did from his Opening Day start to his start last Saturday against the Pirates. At the very least, let’s lower the nearly-8-and-a-half ERA a tad.
  • A couple of consecutive scoreless innings from the ‘pen!? Let’s keep it going!

…Everyone watching or listening to the game tonight: Enjoy! …I have to work.

Go Redlegs!

Already a fan!

I couldn’t let this slip by without saying something…

Brandon Phillips on his new life as a Cincinnati Red:

"It was kind of frustrating, just being without a team. Now I’m here. I’m loving Cincinnati," Phillips said. "The clubhouse is nice. The food is nice. All the coaches and players, they seem real laid back and cool. I think I’m going to have fun."
(Mark Sheldon, mlb.com)

Translation: "I love the food! I love the city! …oh, yeah, the guys are good, too."

Brandon Phillips’ priorities in life:

1. A nice place to hang out and change clothes before the game.
2. Good food
Last, but hopefully not least…
3. "Laid back and cool" coaches and teammates.

I can’t give him too much of a ribbing, though: He got a hit in his first Reds AB yesterday! Best of luck, #4!

Reason #495

Why I love Ryan Freel, Reason # 495:

Freel, talking about the Reds acquisition of Brandon Phillips and the possibility that GM Wayne Krivsky is aligning players for a trade…

"It looks like that could be the road [Krivsky] goes down," Freel said. "With me and Tony switching and playing second base and Richie swinging the bat well, there are a lot of different things they could do. I don’t like to think they’ll make a trade. I hope to God they don’t trade me. I want to end my career here as a Cincinnati Red, but I have no control over that."
(Mark Sheldon / MLB.com)

Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff fans like to hear.


I have been looking for the appropriate opportunity to get back into the swing of things here, and it looks as if there is no better time than the present.

The unofficial team captain is headed east. Sean Casey is a Red no more. Put it how you want, no matter how you say it, it’s a shock to the system.

I can’t remember the exact details, but one of my first memories of Casey involves an absolutely unbelievable play where he caught a foul pop/fly over his shoulder down the first base line (obviously, I guess), and turned and fired the ball to the plate in time to gun down the runner who had tagged at third, and if I’m not mistaken, would have been the winning run had Casey’s throw been off line at all. I think it was an interleague game… against the Tigers, maybe? …Since that day, I’ve been a fan of Casey, and no matter where that guy goes, I will continue to be a fan.

It makes sense: Casey would be making over $8 next year, and we got a left-handed pitcher in return who makes far less annually. The move frees up first for Dunn, which effectively solves the outfield traffic jam, and allows the Reds to keep a young player with a valuable bat. Not that Casey’s wasn’t valuable, of course.

Still, if the whole goal is to become a contending team, we need pitching. The stats on Dave Williams aren’t spectacular, not to mention the fact that he was injured, had surgery, and missed an entire season. But, he’s young, and I guess that counts for something.

I hate change, but I hate to see this team floundering in mediocrity. If this is Step One in a new direction, I am behind Dan O’Brien 100%… and I’m patiently waiting for steps two, three, four…

As ever, Go Reds!

Off to Cleveland…

I spent about 20 minutes writing before my Internet connection inexplicably shut down and took with it everything I had typed. Grrrr.
Since I have no desire to retype everything that was lost, here is the condensed version:

  • I made a plea for people to stop referring to Felipe Lopez as FeLo. As creative was it was for Jennifer Lopez five years ago, it has now run its course and has ceased to be at all charming. Please, I beg you, stop… or else I’ll nickname everyone who uses it, and the names won’t be at all flattering…
  • I have completely forgotten the second point I made. ****! Just turned 23 and my brain is rapidly imploding.
  • I went on to talk about today’s game and about how it was won in thrilling fashion. Kent Mercker had a timely strikeout of Jim "I make a career out of murdering the Reds" Edmonds with the tying runner on base, and it took me several minutes to recover from shaky-knee syndrome.
  • Big, long rant here about how Dunn should not be hitting so low in the batting order. I kicked around some stats, talked about the sheer number of solo shots he’s had, defended him from those who complain about his strikeouts and lack of RBI… Bottom line: I suggested that Dunn hit third, in front of Griffey. If anyone cares for me to explain my reasoning – most of which, I feel, is quite obvious – I will, just leave me a comment. Otherwise, suffice it to say that I believe my opinion to be educated and correct. ::shrug::

Now it’s off to Cleveland, and hopefully some revenge in response to the series loss earlier in the season. Milton is the pitcher on the mound Friday night for the Reds, so expect something… interesting? I hope Vern Ruhle has made some sort of an impression on him in the two days he’s been the pitching coach because I don’t want to see Milton go out there and get shelled. Again.

Tomorrow, time permitting, I’m going to take a look at the young players on the club, and the players in the minors who will make it to the majors in the next few years.

Multiple Choice

Something I was randomly thinking about earlier: If Austin Kearns got a hold of a WMP bobblehead last night, what would he do with it?

A. Rip off the head and run it over, repeatedly, with his car
B. Two words: Voodoo Doll
C. Have a three-hour stare-down
D. Put it on top of his television and cry, knowing that Pena at least takes a swing at the 3rd strike instead of watching it go down the middle of the plate

I say ‘Voodoo Doll.’