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Not Lately…

I might have to change the title of my blog, based purely upon the fact that I haven’t heard Marty Brennaman utter those words in so long…

‘Redleg Nation’ is taken… and a great read for those of you who are interested.

How about ‘Add $17 Million and Get Nothing in Return’? Or maybe something along the lines of ‘We’re Going to Turn it Around Eventually, But Not Until We’ve Become as Much of a Joke as the Bengals Are’?

Ok, ok, so I’m being facetious. I know that these first two months are not necessarily representative of the team as a whole; I’m trying to get through this with a little humor.


I am just waiting for Sean Casey to start attacking people with his bat. He made it clear that he was unhappy with the entire Danny Graves situation, and now that things have gotten even worse, I’ve decided that, as an alternative to wasting his bats, I would love to see him get one of those ‘In Game’ microphones on him during ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball and just absolutely let loose with as many 4-letter words as he can before Chris Berman or Joe Morgan goes down and tackles him to get the mic off before the FCC can fine the channel millions. ****, Joe Morgan would probably sit there and laugh. I’d laugh.
I bet he has an impressive vocabulary, especially of late.
The most unrealistic thing about the entire paragraph – the Reds getting back on ESPN anytime soon. I give better odds to crushing skulls or the swearing rampage.


The voices of baseball…

Are George Grande and Chris Welsh not the most negative broadcasters in the universe? (Presumably there is no baseball except here on earth, but that’s another discussion entirely!) Admittedly, being from the Cincinnati area, the only broadcasts I ever catch on television involve the Indians, Cubs, White Sox, and Braves – and ESPN’s guys – so it’s not like I have an extensive and varied amount of experience to draw from. Why not listen to the radio, you ask? Well, for the past two days, I’ve had guests, and I didn’t want to look too weird watching the television and listening to the game on the Internet, which is virtually impossible anyway because of a delay. Back to my original thought, I know it has been a trying couple of days, but these guys are virtually waiting for the bullpen to implode, or for an infielder to make an error to extend an inning. AND THEN! After it does happen, they rehash it, ad nauseum – more than in past years, it seems. Marty Brennaman – congratulations to him on his honor this weekend – might not be Mr. Optimism, but I don’t walk away from a game after listening going "Ugh, why do I even bother having the volume on?" He tells it like it is, more accurately than Grande and Welsh do. Of course, that’s just my humble opinion.

Milwaukee has been a bust … I’m hoping we can salvage the last game of this series. Last night’s game was – I can’t even think of a fitting adjective for it. Today’s game was just disappointing. These are ours to win, and we’re just not taking advantage of the situations as often as we should. Ryan Wagner couldn’t go forever without giving up more runs, but I wasn’t expecting 4! Too many walks – 7 yesterday, 9 today…

Focusing on the positives, it was great to see Casey and Junior get their first homers of the season. I like having Freel leading off – he might not have gotten a hit today, but he got on base via the walk and scored both times.

2:05 tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be driving down to Cincinnati, listening to 700 WLW. …Is Ortiz starting tomorrow, or not?

I’m interested in learning what everyone, Reds fans or not, thinks about their broadcasters. Also, I’ve heard quite a few opinions of Steve Stewart down at Great American, and I’m curious to see what the (presumably) sober people here think!