Something my family could have told you…

Number One Fan
Number One FanYou are the Reds’ number one fan. (Yes, yes I am.)

You are a Reds fan first and everything else second. You research the players, analyze the games, read everything you can about the team. (Absolutely true.) You wear Red every day. You dream about the Reds. You’re happy when the team is streaking and depressed when they’re slumping. Your firstborn is probably named "Barry" (or "Casey" if it’s a girl). (I do plan my work schedule around Reds games.)

You might want to seek counselling. (I have heard this as recently as last Friday.)

Those around you know better than to suggest taking a walk because they know you’ll give them a lecture on the importance of on-base percentage. They’re afraid to say anything about sign language lest you give them a dissertation on the ethical ramifications of stealing signs. In fact, they’ve begun trying to avoid you all together. But that’s OK with you because you’ve got the on-line community.

You are the most passionate member of the Reds’ corps of fans, but it might be a good idea for you to back off just a little. Adam Dunn doesn’t want to have to issue a restraining order. I’m not that crazy! 😉
Are You the Reds’ Number 1 Fan?

Thanks, Red Hot Mama… that was fun!




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