My overdue thoughts…

Short, simple, to the point, here are my thoughts on The Trade.

I like Felipe Lopez. I love Austin Kearns. We traded good, young talent away for decent middle relief that will help us right now and hopefully into the future. (I’m not hurt by the loss of Lopez. It felt like I was punched in the stomach when it comes to Kearns.) We overpaid for right now, but it might just be enough to keep us in contention. Fortunately we have Kearns-lite (or, heII, who knows? Kearns-equal, or Kearns-better?) in Deno, and Jay "Wunderkind" Bruce in the pipeline.

It’s done, we can’t take it back. Let’s take Bray and Majewski and roll with it. (McClayton was a throw in as far as I’m concerned, and had better not be here past this season, so I’m not going to mention him as part of The Trade beyond this. And the other two, well, we’ll see.)

Unfortunately for us, the fans, we have yet to see a FSN-televised game post-The Trade. I would love to have seen the scoreless inning Bray put up tonight against the Rockies, not to mention the starts by Harang and Arroyo, but I’ll have to live with the snippets I’m getting from SportsCenter and the like. (I would have been the first one in the ballpark for any of these three games, but alas, I’ve worked the past three nights.) Majewski’s performances, not so much, but he’s gotta be pressing. …let me rephrase that… He has got to be pressing, because if he isn’t, and this is what we’re going to see from him nightly, I’ll lead the charge against Krivsky down Pete Rose Way.

So, I guess that wasn’t "short, simple" or "to the point" at all, but what else do you expect from me? 🙂

I know my comments are, say, three days overdue and that most of the initial shock (and in the minds of some, horror) has worn off, but this is still constantly reverberating through my mind. Why else am I awake at 4:25 am, blogging about the Reds?

Let’s face it. The Reds absolutely limped into the All-Star break, seemingly going 1-4,345. Since, we’re 3-0. Not a huge sample size to draw from, but positively encouraging. There were 35,000 people at the ol’ ballyard in sweltering heat last night, so that’s saying something, right? I really have no idea what I’m getting at here… Just that the post-Kearns Reds don’t seem as bad off as I originally thought.

Now, if Narron would only sit McClayton, get Aurilia out of the 4-spot, and *******’ play Edwin, the team would look even better. Oh, yeah, Jerry, don’t forget about Java… he’s not gonna get over this whole "broken" thing by sitting on his *** in the bullpen. And Majewski, well, he’s already pitched what could be a season’s worth for some relief pitchers. Give him a night or two off, geez. (And do it fast before the boo birds greet him before he even throws a pitch.)

It’s been a week full of surprises. I think we all suspected a trade was in the works, but who expected this? Three games, three wins out of the gate? Fantastic. 14 scoreless innings in two games from Harang and Arroyo, after a QS from Milton on Thursday? I’ll take it! Elizardo today? I’ll take it! Which reminds me, I’m enjoying this whole no-fifth-starter-needed thing a bit too much, and I’m not looking forward to the upcoming lack of days off that will require Claussen, Mays, Wilson, the guy sitting in Section 136, Row F, Seat 12… WHOMEVER to fill that fifth starter spot. (Jerry, if you’re reading, Mays better not be it.) Wait, is he even still a Red? I’m hoping I missed something.

When the season began, I was hoping for .500. As April came and went, I started hoping for more. Now, I’m hoping for nothing less than the Wild Card because that’s what The Trade is supposed to get us, right?

I can honestly say that I have no idea what is going to happen. I do know that whatever does happen, it certainly will be interesting to watch, and I’m glad to be along for the ride.

Go Redlegs.


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