I almost felt sorry for ’em…

So, uh, anyone else see that Mets/Cubs game?
HOLY ****!

I decided to watch the game because, well, frankly, it was on, and I wasn’t working. I was interested to see how the Mets are looking right now as they’ll be in town for a three-game set starting on Tuesday. As El Duque started to get hit early and often, I kept thinking "Awesome, get into the bullpen, tire it out." Of course, there’s an off day tomorrow, so it won’t make that much of a difference, but hey, it’s worth a shot. And then the Mets started hitting Sean Marshall hard, and a couple of Cub errors did nothing to help. All of a sudden, the hapless Cubbies went from a 5-0 lead to a 6-5 deficit. Oh, but it wasn’t over there. 6-5 became 7-5, and then all of a sudden, it was 13-5. 17… 17! batters came to the plate for the Mets in a 41-minute, 11-run (2 grand slams!) top of the 6th.

The entire time this was going on, I was still hanging out in today’s game thread at redreporter.com, amazed at what I was witnessing, and relaying it for the benefit of those who missed it. I have never seen anything like what I saw today, and I am serious when I say that I fully expect to see someone fired directly because of this. I guess by "someone" I mean Dusty Baker. That has got to be one of if not The Most Embarassing Cubs Loss ever, and it was on ESPN. Ouch.

I wondered aloud if this was more a case of us witnessing how good the Mets are, or how awful the Cubs are… I have to go with the awful Cubs theory on this one. Multiple defensive miscues, missed scoring opportunities early, a couple of bad pitches… Yikes.

So does this mean the Mets have used up most of their offensive power for the next couple of games? Prolly not, but dammit if I’m not going to HOPE SO! 🙂

Final score: 13-7. Leave it to the Cubs to score a couple of meaningless runs late.


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