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Fly Time

Seen after Wednesday’s error-filled 4-1 loss to the Cubbies, as reported by a fly on the wall:

Brandon Claussen chasing Edwin Encarnacion through the visitors clubhouse with a copy of Harold Reynolds’ defensive skills video.
Said Reds left fielder Adam Dunn upon witnessing the scene, "Hey, everyone has a bad day in the field." He continued on after a laugh, "It’s nice to be at home with a sympathetic official scorer, though, because I only got one [error]!" obviously referring to his Opening Day performance at Great American Ballpark.
Brandon Claussen, not amused to hear someone laughing after the error-filled loss, left his chase of Edwin and started immediately towards Dunn, before quickly realizing that the ex-football player would probably rip his arms off. Claussen immediately regained his cool, then shrugged in defeat, muttering "We’ll get ’em next time."