Reds Roundtable Discussion, Part 4

Here be Part 4 of the Reds Bloggers Roundtable held this past Monday night. You know, a time before Krivsky was punched in the face by Jim Bowden. ::sigh::

Part #1 … Shawn
Part #2 … Sister Daedalus
Part #3 … Doc Scott
Part #4 … Ashlee (Me, of course!)
Part #5 … JD
Part #6 … Jacci
Part #7 … JinAZ
Part #8 … Red Hot Mama


Shawn: Queueing up question three……

Shawn: What is your prediction for the second half?

Daedalus: this team is too unpredictable!

JinAZ: I’d love to hope for more, but I think 0.500 is about what we’re looking at unless some big-time bullpen help comes soon.

Ashlee: I agree… unless a move is made we’re looking at .500

Jacci: I’m throwing reality to the winds and going with massive amounts of winning

Doc Scott: As much as I wish Arroyo and Phillips and Ross would keep pooing fluffy white clouds, I think we’re looking at something within three or four games of .500, either way

JinAZ: And something has to be done about the #4 and #5 rotation slots.

Doc Scott: whether we make a move or not

Daedalus: the offense has been stagnant recently – i think they’ll hit a hot spot and stay in contention for the remainder of the season

JD: I think it depends

JD: On the moves that are made in the next few weeks

Ashlee: Daedalus, was it you who said something to the effect of "We’ll know after next week" ? I agree with that.

Shawn: I think fourth place is likely. I’m hoping for more, but I expect to get passed by the Astros and Brewers.

JinAZ: There’s still a chance that we could make a run. But things are going to have to go our way.

Red Hot Mama: The NLC is looking like last year’s NLW. The Reds could stay in this even at .500.

Daedalus: yes, I think the break will do them well.

Doc Scott: however, with what I said sitting there, I think if I

Doc Scott: am Wayne Krivsky, I pocket Bailey/Votto/Bruce and use anything else I’ve got to try and get some upgrades to the 25-man

Doc Scott: the Brewers are heavily dependent on Ben Sheets being a good, healthy pitcher when he comes back from rehab

Red Hot Mama: Dino would be a good chip, much as I’d hate to see him go

Shawn: Depends on what they get for him

Daedalus: I think Lopez is shopped

Shawn: If Denorfia brings a good starter who will be here for a while, not just this year, then I could see trading him

Doc Scott: the Astros… I sort of doubt

Red Hot Mama: Oh no! That would mean we’d lose JD!

JinAZ: I’m ok with Lopez going for good value.. Phillips can play short, and will be better defensively.

Shawn: Lopez shopped? Who replaces him?

Shawn: Then who replaces Phillips?

Red Hot Mama: Manos de Oro of course

Ashlee: I don’t think I could handle that

Daedalus: phillips, freel, aurilia, castro – one thing we have is depth

Shawn: Oh, good, Castro at 2B. Whoopee.

Doc Scott: I don’t like Freel, Aurilia, OR Castro as the full-time starting 2B

Shawn: Me either

Daedalus: none of them is a full time starter. platoon them

Doc Scott: I’d rather just flip-flop Phillips and Lopez and let it all be

Shawn: Platoon a bunch of righty hitters? Good trick

JinAZ: Aurilia would be our 2B for the season.

Red Hot Mama: That would just screw with their heads

Jacci: And it’d be funny to watch. In a sad sort of way

Daedalus: like Narron’s five billion differnt lineups doesn’t

JinAZ: The key is to get value for Lopez in return. And he should have good value.

Doc Scott: Aurilia’s defense is pretty much limited to the infield corners. You’ll notice the Reds have quit using him at SS.

Shawn: If Lopez was traded, we’d end up with Aurilia at 2B every day, and he can’t hit a righty.

Doc Scott: …or on the road.

JinAZ: Actually, he was better at 2B than at 3B last year. đŸ™‚

Jacci: I thought he was just there a little while ago. But maybe I’m thinking of Castro

JinAZ: Freel can get time at 2B as well.

Ashlee: They have Castro to spell SS

Daedalus: ha

Doc Scott: Freel’s infield defense isn’t great either… it’s okay on a utility basis. He’s considerably better in the OF.

Shawn: My first choice for CF would be Denorfia. My second choice would be Freel.

Jacci: That he is.

JinAZ: From what I’ve seen, Freel’s been outstanding defensively at most positions. Except for the occasional mental mistake.

Shawn: It gets tough switching around all the time

Doc Scott: he doesn’t have good hands.

Daedalus: too many times hitting his head against the fence

JD: What do you think the Reds would get for Felipe?

Daedalus: a third starter

JinAZ: Fielding bible rated him very favorable everywhere.

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