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With May over and June here, it is time to check back on the Curse of the Reds Calendar.

Sean Casey was the player featured in the calendar during the month of April. During that span, he hit .276, struck out 12 times, and hit .250 with RISP. In May, Casey hit .361, struck out only 5 times, and hit .423 with RISP – and all of this in 10 more total ABs than in April.

Paul Wilson was featured in May, and had arguably his worst month as a Cincinnati Red, if not as a major league pitcher. His only win of the season thus far came in April, and his ERA, although not stellar, was 5.25 in 36 IP as opposed to 16.55 in only 10 IP in May.

Ken Griffey, Jr. is the unfortunate soul gracing the June page of the calendar. He had a decent month of May, hitting .283 with 7 homers. This month has started off well for Junior as he went 1 for 3 and batted in a run in yesterday’s game, and I hope that he can be the one to buck this negative trend. He’s had enough bad luck in the past.

Hopefully all of this is just a figment of my overactive imagination…