As I write this, home runs are undoubtedly flying out of PNC Park in Pittsburgh by the dozens. Am I watching? Nope.

I’ve decided that I can no longer stand the Home Run Derby. Actaully, honestly, I couldn’t stand it before, but now I’m finally admitting it. Chris Berman and his record-skipping "BackBackBackBackBack…" home run call make me cringe as if nails were streaking down a chalkboard, and cause me to long for the likes of George Grande and Chris Welsh. Yes, seriously. That being said, there is one thing that would make me watch: The inclusion of Adam Dunn and his bat in the festivities. I’d go and see that in person if I could. Batting practice fastballs trown right down the middle of the plate, thigh-high to that guy? That 535-foot shot into the Ohio River would be nothing compared to what we’d see off of his bat in that situation. Someday… someday.

And with that, or the avoidance of that, I begin my self-imposed two-day exile from baseball. No All-Star game for me, I’ll be working. No webistes, no sports section in the newspaper, and no blogging about the Reds! Needless to say, it’ll be at least Thursday before you hear from me again.

I vow to be more diligent with the writing, time allowing, when play resumes on Thursday. We can only hope that the Reds vow to be more diligent when it comes to winning when play resumes on Thursday…

As ever, go Redlegs!

Enjoy the "holiday!"




    I’m glad someone else is of the same mind. I was very happy to completely ignore the derby this year. And I’m protesting the All-Star game until they drop this World Series Home Advantage garbage. 🙂 -JinAZ

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